Geoffrey Badner Shoots Lace, Gold & Cobblestones for Inspired NY

Finally finished working through a series of images I shot for Inspired NY in DUMBO last week. So many thanks to Limor for lending her designs. And for holding down the fort (table) at the coffeeshop we were using as our base while model, Larissa, and I wandered around the area.

Super happy with these shots as they show the evolution of a new look/style I’ve been exploring

Missing the “mistakes” and distractions that come with Holga and Lomo film photography, I’ve been experimenting with ways to selectively add visual depth to my images. The technique that has offered the greatest results so far is to hold a 6x8 piece of glass up in front of the lens as I shoot. By moving and angling the glass I can catch reflections of the environment and overlay them onto my subject.

It’s not an easy thing to do. I’ll get a behind the scenes image up at some point, but I basically have to shoot with one hand and manipulate the glass with the other. Manual focusing is out of the question. With more practice, I hope it becomes easier.

Gel Lighting Experiment

Over the summer I did a shoot with tattoo model Jennifer Lynn. Most of the shoot was done in my typical dark daylight portrait style, but for fun I decided to try a dramatic gelled light experiment at the end of the day. 

I went through the images later that night at home, but I found a real disconnect between what I wanted and what I got so I decided to pass on doing any final retouching. Last week, however, I went back and took a second look and found a couple that I felt were worth playing with in Photoshop.

They came out alright, but they’re not really portfolio worthy and I doubt this look is something I’ll attempt again.

I guess I could be pissed off about it, but I’m not. Every new challenge comes with a learning curve and there are bound to be “mistakes”. For me, the mistake in these shots was not noticing that the shine is covering her ink. We sprayed Jen with Pam Cooking Spray to get a high gloss look, but the bright reflection of the strobes blows out the writing across her upper chest. Without the ink, I think I would have been fairly pleased with these as a first attempt at something new, but with it’s a dumb oversight on my part.

Save All of Your Instagram Likes to Evernote Automatically

Like a lot of inspiring images on Instagram? Here’s an easy way to collect them all into Evernote for later review using If This Then That.

Create an account at IFTTT and add this recipe I created to your list of recipes. Connect your Instagram and Evernote accounts. Fine tune the actions to save the images the way you like. My settings are below, but you can edit the title and tags to be whatever you want. Be sure you choose an existing notebook or IFTTT won’t work. I created one simply called “Instagram”.

Once you’re set up, the script runs every 2 hours. You can force it to run whenever you want by going to the IFTTT website and hitting the recycle button next to the recipe in your recipe list. 

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