Get Fit - Part 1

Sports and fitness are an important part of my life and I’ve been eager to find a way to connect this passion to my photography. To zero in on how that might happen, I set up a test shoot with two of my favorite models – Claudia and Aja. 

Interested in trying two looks, I broke the day in half with the front half being in studio and the other outside. Here are some shots from the studio. Outside shots coming soon [edit: here they are].

Silver Editorial

As part of an effort to build out new aspects my book, I’ve been concepting different single shot images and editorial ideas. The latest was a shiny, elegant fashion editorial focused on women’s evening wear. I’m really happy with the results.

The idea for the shot came from an old Mario Testino photo that I like a lot. In his shot, he had a wall of flat silver metallic panels hanging behind a model wearing these elaborate 1920’s looking evening dresses. I wanted to shoot something similar, but more modern and contemporary and with more texture in the background.

The Set
I went about researching materials for the background. I wanted something silvery and shiny, but not overly reflective that would bounce a lot of light around and maybe cause weird hot spots. After much Googling I settled on faux tin ceiling tiles with a dark washed nickel finish. I bought them online and had them shipped to my house.
I measured out the tiles and then drilled holes in the top, bottom and sides so that I could hang them vertically like chain links behind my model. I had originally planned to tie everything together with wire, but on a last minute trip to Home Depot I found some S-shaped hooks that allowed me to easily link everything together. Once I got everything to the studio, it only took me 20 minutes to unpack and hang the whole wall.

The Team
The hardest part of moving from street and journalistic photography to fashion/studio work has been finding talented people I can trust. All of my previous work has been done solo and without having to rely on others. Giving up control has been a challenge, but it’s simply impossible to achieve the quality I want without pulling in other people.

I was fortunate enough to connect with a team to help me. Dace Burkevica brought her quite beauty and grace to set as my model, Leigh Grimes did some wonderful styling and Taly Waisberg stepped in last minute to take over hair/makeup. Peter Garritano has been helping me on set recently and was key to getting the lights dialed in the way I wanted.

My 10 year old daughter even came by and helped . Though she mainly just wanted to have me on set and tell me which way to look.

The Results
The shoot day went by without a hitch. Everything came together and once we had dialed in some tests we just rolled through six different outfits with a couple of makeup variations. The images out of the camera looked strong and flawless, but half the fun for me is the post production retouching process. I do all of my own retouching myself and the post work really polished up the images nicely. Below are my favorites.

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