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  1. Urban Decay – New Fashion Editorial by Geoffrey Badner

    14 Oct 2016

    I’ve been sitting on this work for a couple of months now. Finally, I can release it publicly It’s an editorial I shot back in August called “Urban Decay” for a magazine (that I won’t mention because they promised me they’d publish it, but then decided to skip doing a fall/winter…

  2. The Right Fit, shot by Geoffrey Badner for Cool America Magazine

    05 Sep 2016

    Some recent work published in the fall issue of Cool America Magazine featuring designs from NYC designer David Hart. Styling: Jacci Jaye HMUA: Olga Levit

  3. Lower Eastside With Madeliene by Geoffrey Badner

    04 Apr 2016

    Did a quick shoot last week with the lovely Madeleine. Met up in the Lower Eastside and walked around for a bit What pleases me most about these is that I went to an area that I’ve not shot in before and made it work. 11:30am in that area is…

  4. Geoffrey Badner Shoots Lace, Gold & Cobblestones for Inspired NY

    19 Mar 2016

    Finally finished working through a series of images I shot for Inspired NY in DUMBO last week. So many thanks to Limor for lending her designs. And for holding down the fort (table) at the coffeeshop we were using as our base while model, Larissa, and I wandered around the area…

  5. Splendor in the Grass

    01 Sep 2015

    I’ve been up in Cape Cod, MA for most of the summer. Eager to be out of the confines of the studio, I tried to find models to shoot with while I was there. Sadly, I was really only able to find one model that I really wanted to work with and she, ironically…

  6. Silver Editorial

    03 Feb 2015

    As part of an effort to build out new aspects my book, I’ve been concepting different single shot images and editorial ideas. The latest was a shiny, elegant fashion editorial focused on women’s evening wear. I’m really happy with the results The idea for the shot came from an old…

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