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  1. An Afternoon With Satine at Warehouse Studios

    05 Dec 2016

    Been exploring the light in the new studio. Getting ready open next month. Here’s a set of images from a shoot I did with Dutch model, Satine, last week The tilt shift images are shot with the Lensbaby Edge 80. A lens I love to play with. Adds a cool,…

  2. Geoffrey Badner Shoots With Fitness Model Molly Curley in Victorias Secret Pink

    10 Oct 2016

    Shot with Molly a week ago, but the weather was terrible. When we saw there were going to be a string of great days, we coordinated a follow up to shoot some running pix.

  3. Model tests in Time Square with Geoffrey Badner

    07 Sep 2016

    Set up an evening of tests with Karine and Gabby. Ended up getting rained out at the end, but not before grabbing a couple of cool shots. 

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