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  1. An Afternoon With Satine at Warehouse Studios

    05 Dec 2016

    Been exploring the light in the new studio. Getting ready open next month. Here’s a set of images from a shoot I did with Dutch model, Satine, last week The tilt shift images are shot with the Lensbaby Edge 80. A lens I love to play with. Adds a cool,…

  2. Geoffrey Badner Shoots With Fitness Model Molly Curley in Victorias Secret Pink

    10 Oct 2016

    Shot with Molly a week ago, but the weather was terrible. When we saw there were going to be a string of great days, we coordinated a follow up to shoot some running pix.

  3. Summer Vibes With Kirsten by Geoffrey Badner

    31 May 2016

    Spent the afternoon chasing the sun around the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and Prospect Park with MSA model Kirsten Brooke. Hair and makeup by the (sunburnt) Olga Lezhneva.

  4. Lower Eastside With Madeliene by Geoffrey Badner

    04 Apr 2016

    Did a quick shoot last week with the lovely Madeleine. Met up in the Lower Eastside and walked around for a bit What pleases me most about these is that I went to an area that I’ve not shot in before and made it work. 11:30am in that area is…

  5. Testing My New Lensbaby

    13 Nov 2015

    I’ve love the dimension, depth and unexpected surprises that cheap film cameras like the Holga or Lomo bring to photography. I’ve shot some work recently with both of these cameras, but unfortunately, the quirky nature of their focus and image quality is too unpredictable for client work. I really need the control and flexibility that digital provides.  Recently,…

  6. Splendor in the Grass

    01 Sep 2015

    I’ve been up in Cape Cod, MA for most of the summer. Eager to be out of the confines of the studio, I tried to find models to shoot with while I was there. Sadly, I was really only able to find one model that I really wanted to work with and she, ironically…

  7. Get Fit - Part 2

    20 Aug 2015

    As I mentioned before, I’ve been interested in developing a connection between my love for sports and passion for photography. This test shoot I set up to explore the idea yielded some strong studio shots as well as these outdoor lifestyle pix. Hoping to shoot more of this in the…

  8. Get Fit - Part 1

    06 Aug 2015

    Sports and fitness are an important part of my life and I’ve been eager to find a way to connect this passion to my photography. To zero in on how that might happen, I set up a test shoot with two of my favorite models – Claudia and Aja.  Interested in trying two…

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